Stuart Heinrich, PhD

Curriculum vitae

Real time camera tracking and 3D reconstruction

I am quite interested in real-time reconstruction methods, and am working towards implementing a complete system for dense 3D reconstruction from uncalibrated video in real time. Here is a demo video showing some of my current work in real-time anisotrpoic optical flow, and here is another demo video of my system for real-time KLT feature tracking and pose reconstruction from uncalibrated video using the five-point method, bundle adjustment, and my autocalibration.

Autocalibration tutorial lecture

A free video lecture explaining the principles of autocalibration.

AuthMA for Secure Key Exchange

I have always wished that my communications were protected with end-to-end encryption, but the hassle of exchanging public keys is just too great. I knew that in order for end-to-end encryption to take off, a protocol was needed for automatically exchanging public keys that was invulnerable to man in the middle attacks. That's why I invented AuthMA. I maintain a public keyserver providing this service free of charge for anyone interested in bringing secure communication into their applications.

Reports & Publications:

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S. Heinrich and W. Snyder. Robust Estimation of the Trifocal Tensor: A Performance Evaluation (in preparation) [PDF]

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